June 22, 2019. Capitol Communicator (REPOST)

Scientific Anglers, Midland, MI, launched its latest fly line AMPLITUDE SMOOTH with AST PLUS technology. In a campaign to introduce the lines, Scientific Anglers tapped ad agency DC-based Admirable Devil to develop the zany, myth-busting, basement scientist, Zonker, who tests Amplitude Smooth in out-of-the-box demonstrations on his internet show, “Zonker Time with Zonker.”

According to a release, Zonker declares, “I’ve once again proven to these wormholes I work for that Amplitude Smooth fly lines with AST Plus counteracts friction so well, you’ll be neutering water bourn drag particles quicker than Bob Barker in a zero gravity machine. That clear enough for you?!” He then grunted and muttered once more to no one in particular, “Wormholes.”

AST Plus technology enabled Scientific Anglers to create lines that reduce friction on the water for effortless casting accuracy. Amplitude Smooth lines last five times as long as competitors and have five times less friction than competitor lines. Lines include three colors to identify when to pick up and cast, the SA-ID identification system, welded loops and a camo-tip for stealthy fishing.

Infinity, first in the new line range, are do-it-all freshwater lines and available in July. Scientific Anglers will release new Amplitude Smooth fly lines for nearly every fly fishing scenario in the  coming months, including a range of trout and saltwater lines, and specific lines for nymphing, and bonefish.

Zonker’s rigorous testing is like, double-science.

Fly line designer and Research and Technology Manager at Scientific Anglers, Josh Jenkins, said, “I’m a real scientist, but take it from me, Zonker’s rigorous testing is like, double-science. Once you watch Zonker test Amplitude Smooth you’ll understand why you never want to risk fishing your old line again.”

Zonker will appear in fly fishing media including The Drake, the Fly Fisherman, and Moldy Chum in print, videos and digital gifs, with the new tagline “Real nerds get all the fish.”

Learn more about Amplitude Smooth fly lines at www.scientificanglers.com/zonkertime/. Visit Zonker’s Giphy channel here.

Client: Scientific Anglers
Agency: Admirable Devil
Partner & Co-Executive Director: Michael Carpenter
Partner & Co-Executive Director: Bruce Gray
Partner & Chief Strategist: Joel R. Johnson
Production Company: Former Co.
Executive Producer: Michele Swanson
Director: Tony Wolski
Production Producer: Jeff Tuttle
Production Manager: Matt Perlman
DP: Aaron Jones
Art Director: Trevor Naud
Editorial: Devil Pictures
Post Producer: Amy Romanow
Editor: Gabriel Kornbluh
Telecine: Post-Op
Colorist: Ted Snavely
Audio: Rainmaker Creative and Recording
Executive Producer: Kristin O’Connor
Sound Designer / Mixer: Jeff McManus

Admirable Devil, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, is a purpose-driven creative agency proudly born in the Capitol City. We solve big problems by doing very bold things.

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