By AdAge Studio 30, originally published 11.20.19

Bruce Gray, Co-CCO, Admirable Devil

Our business is about freeing creativity to make change that creates growth. But the classic agency-relationship business model is essentially set up as a power struggle. They tell us the assignment, we come back with ideas, then try to sell them on falling in love with our favorite one at first sight. It’s no wonder most relationships only last a year or two. Distrust and fear erode creativity. We’re flipping the model to make it about empowering our partners—rather than consolidating power. Great ideas are born out of collaboration, and as a bonus, everyone is a lot happier, which of course helps the work, too. For inspiration, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about creativity through a lens of spirituality. “Soul Purpose” from Kirk Souder of Enso is slightly further afield, but relevant to bringing more humanity to business.

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