To say these are difficult times would be an understatement. But in the challenge, comes opportunity. Recently, Admirable Devil has been using our voice to try and make the world a bit better and to uplift.

In AdAge, Joel Johnson shared his thoughts on how to tackle systemic racism in the advertising industry:

AdAge July 15 Systemic Racism

Admirable Devil also took to Capitol Communicator in July to publish an open letter asking the Washington, DC Council not to implement a potentially devastating 3% tax on advertising in the city. The tax vote has been dropped by the action of many DC agencies, the 4As, and even Mayor Bowser. The impact would have been an across the board tax on advertising, including the planning, concepting, and production of an ad, as well as buying or placement of an ad in the DC market. It’s akin to taxing a chef for planning his menu before he ever has a single diner. The consequences would be to chill advertising in the Washington, DC market in a time when Covid-19 has already devastated many small businesses.

Admirable Devil Letter to DC Council

We will continue to use our voice, so long as the agency is alive and kicking, to fight for what’s right.


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