By Ad Age Studio 30 . Published on September 24, 2019. (ADAGE REPOST)


“Write the Future,” Brooklyn-based agency Mustache’s campaign for Grammarly, the company behind the AI-powered writing assistant

Credit: Mustache (part of Cognizant Interactive)

Fall planning season is upon us, and for the ad world, that means zeroing in on what kinds of investments are going to make the biggest impact next year. Whether that means putting dollars behind bringing in the brightest talent possible, embracing innovation, expanding (or refining) client offerings, bolstering creative prowess or giving back to the community, there’s a common theme for all agencies—that is, finding ways to do better and work smarter in 2020.

Here’s what some members of the Amp community plan to focus on during the coming year.


Joel Johnson, Co-Founder, Chief Strategist, Admirable Devil

We’re investing in our community in 2020 by working pro bono to profile the work of some outstanding makers in the D.C.-Baltimore corridor. There are many creators out there that other agencies and brands could be tapping into. We want to help them get noticed, especially if they have a badass story to tell. And of course, we hope our community and prospects appreciate how we tell it.

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