May 2, 2019, Capitol Communicator (REPOST)

Infolock, based in Arlington, Va, announced a complete corporate rebranding, including streamlined company name, logo and a dynamic new website to tell the story of “Maximum Control Data Governance” in a world driven by information. The company was previously known as infoLock Technologies.

Managing partners Sean Steele and Chris Wargo engaged ad agency Admirable Devil to develop the new brand, which is rooted in the company’s values, with a fresh perspective regarding the complex data challenges organizations face.

Data security is often represented in the abstract. In the real world, this stuff is fascinating. We believe the new website reflects that reality in the most compelling
way possible.

“After more than a decade working with leading companies and organizations, we understand the challenge facing C-suite leaders isn’t just security – it’s about proactively managing the data ‘lifeblood’ of their businesses. Millions of pieces of data, if not billions, are floating around organizations unsecure and unmonitored. It can feel incredibly daunting – even overwhelming – for business leaders. But it doesn’t have to be,” said Chris Wargo, Co-founder and Managing Partner for Sales and Operations.

The new website opens with “THE OPERAT1ON: A Data Lifecycle Story.” The interactive experience invites visitors to follow a single data file – in this story, a patient health record – from creation through end of life, interacting with several colorful and seedy characters along the way. An unwitting hospital suffers a ransomware attack and data breach. In each chapter, visitors can see how Infolock advises its clients to prepare technically and operationally to prevent incidents and mitigate damage.

“People hear about data breaches in the news all the time; how can they keep happening? We wanted to shine a light on the who, what, where, why, and how,” remarked Sean Steele, Co-founder and Managing Partner for Technology and Professional Services. “It’s no longer just CISOs who need to understand data in all its various forms. It’s something the whole organization – every individual – needs to be aligned on, from the top down. We wanted to speak truth to the power of status quo with our new brand.”

“Data security is often represented in the abstract. In the real world, this stuff is fascinating. We believe the new website reflects that reality in the most compelling way possible,” added Michael Carpenter, Chief Creative Officer at Admirable Devil.

Admirable Devil, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, reports the client’s reaction was: “I think this is the slickest marketing I’ve seen ever come out of our industry. No sh*t.”

You can view the new website at

About Infolock

Experts in data governance, Infolock provides consulting and advisory services that help organizations effectively secure, manage, and optimize their data. We help clients regain control of their data with our deep understanding of risk management, combined with technical expertise, and business acumen. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Arlington, VA, Infolock is the go-to data management advisory firm for security-conscious organizations in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and public sectors.

Admirable Devil Credits:
Michael Carpenter, Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Bruce Gray, Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Joel R. Johnson, Partner & Chief Strategist
Gabriel Kornbluh, Senior Editor, Devil Pictures
Amy Romanow, Senior Producer, Devil Pictures
April Harding, Technologist
James Sol, Web Developer
Dominic DeSantis, Director of Photography
Butch Ramsey, Photography
Tien Pham, Graphic Design

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