It’s a beautiful thing when a client’s appetite for smart and disruptive work rivals your own. Today, I’m incredibly proud to see the launch of our new brand, website and micro-campaign for B2B data security firm, Infolock. At its core is an original cybercrime tale we believe represents the freshest brand storytelling this category has seen in a long time:

We wanted to reflect reality and Infolock’s mission in the most compelling way possible.

The new site opens with “THE OPERAT1ON: A Data Lifecycle Story.” The experience invites visitors to follow a single file from inception through end of life, interacting with several seedy characters along the way and ultimately leading a company into a ransomware trap. In each chapter, users are invited to see how Infolock could have changed the story’s outcome.

The new brand launched this week with a highly targeted geo-fencing campaign at a cybersecurity tradeshow in Las Vegas. With data breaches and ransomware attacks increasingly in the news (Equifax, Yahoo!, the City of Atlanta, and you know, pee tapes), we wanted to reflect reality and Infolock’s mission in the most compelling way possible. Thanks to our clients Sean Steele and Chris Wargo and everyone here at the Devil who made it happen.

infolock postcard front proof


Production:  Admirable Devil/Devil Pictures

Developer:  James Sol

Story:  Michael Carpenter, Bruce Gray

Directors:  Michael Carpenter, Bruce Gray

Digital Producer:  April Harding

Producer:  Amy Romanow

Editor:  Gabe Kornbluh

DP:  Dominic DeSantis

Ps: For all you friends of the Devil, check out Joel’s acting chops as one of our Feds.

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