Our mission is to help brands stand for what they believe in by making good trouble. This time, we’re making some of our own with a campaign to support the Women’s March, Planned Parenthood, and the growing #resistance.

On the day of the March, a buff, pony riding Vladimir Putin lookalike will give out t-shirts, resistance signs and specially made #HeySugarTweets chocolate bars.

Why? Well, our incoming leader has shown little respect for the things we value most. Among these, human rights, our city, democracy, and generally speaking, the truth.  And since the only thing the man seems to love more than himself is sassing off on the Twitters… #HeySugarTweets seemed a right proper response.

Gonna be all sorts of purpose-driven agitation going on.


Our little crew handed out protest signs, shirts, candy bars and chanted alongside one million proud and defiant marchers. It was an amazing experience and sight to see. Behold (full, original story below)

K Street: Ahead of the inauguration, outdoor boards on DC’s iconic K Street will greet visitors with a choice message about Russian propaganda and our feelings about the real traditions of this city–art and activism.

**UPDATE #2**

We were in the middle of it all week. On inauguration eve, a peaceful protest turned into a small riot. Check this out. That is our bus shelter ad… ten feet from a flaming limo.



Candy Bars for the Cause: We’ve also partnered with local craft chocolate maker, Undone Chocolate, to create Hey Sugar Tweets candy bars. And this week, they’ll be for sale in the official pop-up shop of the Women’s March, The Outrage. Proceeds will go to women’s activist groups like Planned Parenthood.



Vladdy Boo Boo:  On the day of the March, a buff, pony riding Vladimir Putin look-alike will give out t-shirts, resistance signs and specially made “Hey, Sugar Tweets” chocolate bars. Feel free to look for him and take a couple sexy pictures.



Grassroots efforts and signs for Saturday: We’ll be distributing signs at the march on Saturday–you can download some here. We’ll be on Twitter and Instagram, too–and don’t be shy about firing off some #HeySugarTweets messages of your own.


The next four years (or not) are going to demand good brands boldly stand up for human rights and the planet. But there’s no reason we can’t have some fun doing it. So #HeySugarTweets and Russia, if you’re listening, listen good: the resistance starts Saturday.

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