Oh, you angry little T bags. Haunting Agency Spy, taunting us on the Facebooks, dropping spittle on mother bleeping mainstream media sites and generally bringing your special brand of (self?) hate to Comment sections everywhere. Everything sucks and everything is wrong and you can GFY too, Santa!  So in honor of the angriest little internet elves among us, we’re celebrating three occasions trolls were trolled like the Dickens.

Everything sucks and everything is wrong and you can GFY too, Santa!

The Hater Translator.
Few legions of Trolls like to pee in the digital Cheerios more than advertising folk. Back in 2013, Mullen de-Scrooged em right in their favorite sandbox–the comment section of AgencySpy.

Some YUGE, YUGE, YUGE Meta Satire For A Terrific Guy.
And of course, there’s him. The most powerful narcissist in all the land and future Free Leader of the Troll World. God bless help us, every one!  And sure, this is small scene in a movie that’s more “Triumph des Willens” than “Love, Actually.” But expertly and hilariously done nonetheless.


And When Life Gives You Venom, Make Gingerbread.
Nothing a good Troll loves to hate on more than different lifestyles. Being the smart, purpose driven brand they are, Honeymaid took some venomous hatemongers and made them beautiful, unwitting mass scale messengers of love. Eat it, Trolls.

See? It’s just like Tiny Tim wrote on his old blog, Cat Pics & Chill Mittens: “Don’t feed the trolls. Be a happy warrior instead.”

Bruce Gray is co-founder and Executive Creative Director at Admirable Devil, a purpose-driven ad agency.

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